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  As companies have annual budgets and profit target - so must individuals (and families) have annual savings goals. "CHARLES FARRELL"
Direction of cash flows define assets and liability. An asset puts money in your pocket. A liability takes money from your pocket - ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI
Investing is not entertainment. It is an responsibility. It is not supposed to be fun or interesting - but an continous process - CHARLES D. ELLIS
Betting on hot sectors (emotions) and paying heavy costs (expenses), can be a double whammy - John C. BOGLE
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Its not what you earn - its what you keep. Pay yourself first: Set up a regular monthly savings plan.
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over different asset classes and over time.
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Focus on Fees:
Over time these can be the key differentiator
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Pay down Your Debt
(Mortgage - Not an investment but a home. Try and pay back early in a prudent manner).
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Life Insurance:
Separate your Insurance and your investments. Buy Term Life (and save the rest).
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Balance your portfolio to ensure you still have other assets to provide liquidity and some long-term growth
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Inflation Your # 1 Enemy. Need to balance safety with growth.
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Have an updated Will.
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Build Your Personal Road-map:
Track and rebalance regularly. And stay invested through business cycles.
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Ensure your critical financial documents are updated and uncluttered/ easy to access.
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Rule of 72 A simple tool to know the time (or rate) it takes to double your money. More..
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